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(Appropriately enough, I’m writing this post with an 8-month-old baby girl playing on my lap!)

Our guest speaker today was Jacqueline Presley, who started her blog Creative Outpour when her first child was born. She eventually leveraged that blog experience into some great part-time work as Social Media Manager for Oh Baby Foods. Today, she works about 15 hours per week, and her youngest child is 3.

Jacqueline had some great practical advice for those of us considering ways to add a little income to our families, especially through blogging:

  • Connect with groups like Arkansas Women Bloggers or NWA Bloggers so you can learn from each other
  • Watch YouTube tutorials and teach yourself design, editing, etc.
  • Use Pic Monkey to edit photos
  • Earn revenue through Collective Bias and Social Fabric
  • Have “play” dates with other work-from-home moms. The kids play and the mamas get some work done!

More important than these practical tips, though, were the principles that Jacqueline shared. It seems like two things make this type of working work for her. First, have a clear sense of your priorities as a mom. If you know your priorities, you have an easier time setting limits and boundaries and continuing to put first things first. 

But even when you know your priorities, it can still be hard to tell your boss “no” or just feel like you’re not going all-out for a project or assignment. That’s where the second principle comes in: Have a clear sense of God as our provider. Instead of grasping at every opportunity or fearing that something will dry up, we should trust God to give us all that we need.

Overall, it was great to hear about how we all keep our priorities clear as moms and as children of God.

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, we also spent time talking about how we strengthen our relationships during this season of having small children. Like last February, our crafts were Valentines for the ones we love.

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