Of Moms and Money

Maybe it was the time change, but most of us were running behind today. Fortunately in MOPS, there is no shame in showing up late! Everyone understands. Although . . . we’re especially understanding if you show up late bearing goodies like this:


(A mom of four made this banana bread, by the way!)

We were still playing our ice-breaker game when our guest speaker showed up, but he was a really good sport and joined in. He’s the father of two little boys (2.5 yrs & 3 mos) and husband of a SAHM, so he fit right in . . . even if he was wearing a suit :)


Stephen Spicer is a Certified Financial Planner. Sometimes it’s hard for us to think about money matters beyond paying bills and buying groceries. It’s also really hard to think about tragedies that could affect our families. But by investing a little time thinking about protecting our families financially, hopefully we can bring ourselves a little more peace of mind.

We spent most of our time talking about managing risks, especially by updating our disability income-protection and life insurance. For those of us who aren’t the primary wage-earners in our households, it’s sometimes easy to underestimate how much we contribute to our families. But it’s important for even married SAHM’s to have life insurance, so that, if something happened to us, our partners would have the freedom to work less or not at all and put our kids’ needs first.

The important thing is to focus on what gives you peace of mind now and what you would want for your family no matter what happened to you. If we take care of these things now, we don’t have to dwell on them, and we can enjoy every precious moment that life sends us all the more.

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