Steering Team Meeting, 3/21

Each month the Steering Team meets on the third Monday of the month. This month they discussed a few big things, and among them, fundraising.

One of the very best part of being a MOPS mom is “No Mom Alone”; meetings are set up once a month for moms to have a place to come and learn how to be better moms…with other moms. One of the ways moms are able to actually take in ideas on how to become better moms is that childcare is provided for members. The Fayetteville group is blessed to have a couple of church ladies who watch the kids during the meetings for free! As the group grows, those nursery workers are stretched more and more thin. The easiest way to deal with the cost of childcare is up the dues, which are currently $40/year, an amazing price for the benefit. While that price is very doable to most, if it were to go up much, it would become very not-doable for many. The solution the Steering Team came up with is FUNDRAISING!

First on the docket is a Parents’ Night Out (PNO), which has been tentatively set for April 13th & 14th. Essentially, parents will drop off their wee ones and get to have a date night! Hopefully, MOPS will be able to host a PNO each quarter.

Also, the Fayetteville MOPS group hopes to host a garage sale on June 4th.

The ultimate goal of this particular MOPS group is to make “No Mom Alone” accessible to as many moms as possible. Hopefully, by having a few more fundraisers a year we will be able to keep dues low, at $40/year! We’d love a few prayers for the success of our upcoming fundraising events!

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